About me

About me

Welcome to dietitian4children where I strongly believe in making mealtimes a happy experience for both you and your child while promoting good nutrition and growth.

I am a Highly Specialised Paediatric Dietitian, with almost 15 years experience within the NHS and private sector, currently working at the largest children’s hospital in the UK. My private practice clinic is based in Bramhall, Cheshire and I also offer phone call/video consultations where appropriate.

I have a specialist knowledge in children with behavioural eating issues as well as a vast experience in other specialisms including cardiac surgery, metabolics; and general paediatrics such as cows milk protein intolerance, soya intolerance, feeding problems, poor growth, overweight, children with special needs, iron deficiency anaemia, constipation/diarrhoea, Coeliac Disease, Toddler diarrhoea and gastro oesophageal reflux.

I provide an individualised approach. My appointments are held within a child friendly comfortable environment. However, if you feel a home visit to observe a mealtime experience would be helpful then this is no problem at all. I feel home visits are extremely useful especially at mealtimes to evaluate a ‘true’ reflection of mealtimes and advise regarding your child’s dietary intake and behaviour around mealtimes.

I also work closely with Dr Heidi Mason, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, who has specialist experience of working with children with additional needs and behavioural feeding difficulties. If it is felt that your child would benefit from a joint consultation with myself and Dr Heidi Mason then this can be arranged.

I also work closely with a private Paediatric Gastroenterologist for whom I provide a private dietetic service.

victoria holmesVictoria Holmes SRD BSc MSc

Highly specialised Paediatric Dietitian with almost 15 years experience.

I am currently working at the largest children's hospital in the UK.


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