What to expect from your consultation

The first consultation will last for about an 1- 1 1/2 hours and it is important that you bring with you any medical history and the red book for growth history if appropriate. It may be necessary, with your permission, for me to contact your GP for further information regarding medical history so that I can provide the most appropriate advice. This is especially important if you have recently been diagnosed with a long term condition where the dietary intervention may differ depending on the exact nature of the diagnosis. If you have been referred via a consultant then this information may have already been provided in the initial referral.

During the consultation I will:

  • Clarify issues/symptoms and medical history
  • Weigh and take other body measurements, as necessary
  • Discuss your child’s dietary intake and if necessary their behaviour with regard to eating
  • Provide advice and set a mutually realistic plan with achievable goals.
  • Decide if a follow up appointment is required to review progress or goals
  • Write a report, with any supporting written information, which will be sent to you after the consultation
  • Send a copy of the report to your GP, with your agreement.

A follow up appointment (30 – 60 minutes) may be recommended to help monitor your child’s progress and address any issues that have arisen following your initial consultation.

Advice will be tailored to your own and your child’s individual circumstances, with goals set in discussion with yourself. There will be the opportunity to discuss any concerns and questions you may have.

Each consultation is at my clinic but if you feel it would be beneficial for me to watch a mealtime I am more than happy to come to your house.

For all enquiries please click here to contact me.

Or call me on 07940 522197