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Specialities Covered

  • Cows Milk and/or Soya Protein Intolerance
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Behavioural eating issues
  • Feeding difficulties in Autism
  • Weaning advice
  • Food refusal
  • Fussy eating
  • Restrictive/unvaried diet
  • Nutritional Dietary Assessment of your Child’s Diet
  • Faltering growth/Failure to thrive
  • Overweight
  • Healthy Eating and General Nutrition
  • Poor appetite and/or weight loss
  • Education regarding a balanced diet
  • Computerised nutritional assessment of your Child’s Diet
  • Nutritional Deficiencies such as iron deficiency
  • Constipation/Diarrhoea
  • Toddler Diarrhoea
  • Coeliac Disease
  • Fructose Intolerance
  • Education and training for school and nursery staff on healthy diets for children
  • Advice for nurseries/schools

For all enquiries please click here to contact me, or call me on 07940 522197