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1 year old with Constipation

Vicky helped me with my daughter when she was just over a year old and suffered badly with constipation. I am a first time mum and was very worried with what to do and wanted to help my daughter but didn't know how best to. Vicky put me at great ease and gave me some suggestions of both foods to try and also which vitamins would be best for her to take. The options helped and my daughter now no longer suffers. I am very grateful for her support and guidance and would recommend her to anyone! Xx

10 month old with Milk Allergy

We approached Victoria for some help with our daughter's possible allergy to milk as well as advice about bringing our daughter up on a vegetarian diet. Victoria was fantastic. She instantly pointed us in the right direction for us to get the diagnosis confirmed from a paediatric consultant. She also provided us with lots of information about how we can provide our daughter with a nutritious and balanced diet. Victoria was very attentive throughout the whole process. We came away feeling confident about how we are going to move forward with our daughter's allergy and diet. I would certainly recommend Victoria to any parent with concerns. 

9 month old with multiple food allergies/intolerance

We were recommended Victoria after our little baby boy was diagnosed with a number of suspected food intolerances and had ongoing symptoms as a result. I was breastfeeding and was really struggling to give both him and myself a varied diet due to the number of foods we had to avoid, especially once we started weaning him onto solids. Victoria helped put together a varied diet plan for both of us, which also helped tackle his ongoing symptoms. Within a few weeks, he was symptom free and enjoying a variety of foods. With Victoria’s ongoing support, he is now gaining weight and loves his food! I would definitely recommend seeing Victoria if your child has food allergies or intolerances

10 month old with Lactose Intolerance

I went to see Victoria when I was struggling to find out why my daughter was in discomfort. Gut instinct told me my daughter was in pain but I couldn’t find out why. After a consultation with Victoria I felt instant relief, she was kind, thorough, sympathetic, and she actually listened. I was amazed, after weeks of struggling someone finally got it. Victoria recommended a specific diet plan and the results were almost instant. It changed my enjoyment as a new mum. I can’t thank her enough for helping my baby but also for helping me. I wish I’d found her sooner.

8 month old with Cows Milk Protein Allergy

Our 8 month old daughter has a cows milk allergy and after receiving an NHS consultants appointment for 3 months time we decided to go and see Victoria. She had had a cancellation so we managed to see her within 2 days. We are so glad we did! She quickly explained what having the allergy would mean, recommended alternative formula that we could use as a cows milk infant formula replacement and outlined the best way to introduce new foods. She also provided us with written information and recipe books which have been really useful. We felt much more confident and informed after our appointment and couldn’t recommend Victoria highly enough

11 year old with Fructose Intolerance and IBS

Victoria was recommended to me by our private Paediatric Consultant Gastroenterologist when my 11 year old son was diagnosed with Fructose Intolerance and IBS. From our very first meeting Victoria was amazing, she quickly put my son at ease and provided us with lots of information specifically tailored to him. Victoria has remained fully supported throughout and is always available to help whenever needed. My son has made vast improvements thanks to Victoria

3 year old with Diarrhoea

My 3 year old daughter had been having trouble with her stomach for a few months and it was beginning to cause a lot of distress for her and for us as parents. I was seeing a paediatric gastroenterologist who was keen for my daughter to undergo an endoscopy, but I wanted to explore her diet to see if there were any foods that were causing the loose stools From the moment I spoke to Victoria I just felt a huge wave of relief that someone was really going to listen and help me. Victoria offered us an appointment within days. Straight away Victoria was warm and welcoming and spent a lot of time listening to me which was something I had not had. She took notes on my daughters diet and studying her red book. We tried exclusion diets and I was given a wealth of easy to understand information, there was no jargon or complication. Victoria was always on hand to support on the phone, text and email. Victoria also liased with the nursery and wrote to the Gastroenterologist about what we were doing. Between us all we were able pinpoint what was causing the issue in my daughters diet, without having to go to surgery. I never would have resolved this without Victoria’s help and knowledge and now I fully understand the triggers and can easily work this into my daughters diet. I can’t thank Victoria enough and I feel so lucky to have found her. Thank you

1 year old with Cows Milk Protein Intolerance

We brought our son to see Victoria at the beginning of January 2018. He had been diagnosed with a cows milk protein intolerance and after seeing the consultant at our local hospital for a second time, his weight wasn’t improving. After many tests failing to uncover an underlying cause, we made an appointment with Victoria to see if there was anything we could do ourselves to help him gain weight. Right from the start Victoria was friendly and welcoming. She made the time to go through a comprehensive list of questions about him and his diet, as well as our family life in general. She gave us great information about different types of foods and their nutrition levels, ideas for meal plans and liquid intakes throughout the day. As new parents, we were unaware of a few things but no question was too silly! We went away from our appointment armed with recipe books, info sheets and lots of tips to get started. We saw Victoria again after 4 weeks and was amazed at our son gaining nearly a kilo in weight in such a short space of time. We are now moving on to milk challenges with Theo with Victoria’s guidance and are hoping he will enjoy dairy soon! Thank you so much Victoria!